Learning Games and Gamification

Learning stands a higher chance of success when some fun is built into the learning process.

Learning Games and gamification are considered powerful tools in learning and business, only when designed and executed well, for the purposes they are intended to serve. 

While both share the same genetic code in their ideology, learning games are actual games, learning activities that heavily rely on the content and the learner's experience of the content within the game. Gamification, in contrast, is about using the same game principles, game mechanics (points, levels, missions, leaderboards, badges, progress), and game dynamics (emotions, behaviors, desires of the user) in a non-game environment with a heavy reliance on the game structure and the participant’s journey from the beginning to the end. At its core, gamification is aimed at driving user engagement to influence desired learning or business results.

Learning games with single screen interactions like hangman, jeopardy, crosswords, flashcards, puzzles, Pictionary, shooting, etc. and more complex multiple screen interaction games like who wants to be a millionaire, role plays, business simulations and character-based scenarios amongst others have been effectively used over the years across subject areas, learner profiles and age groups.  

Both, learning games and gamification are intended to aid the process of gaining attention, eliciting interest, building curiosity, the setting of goals, encouraging higher participation and response, problem-solving, competition, and overall, increased user engagement and sustained motivation, all in a fun environment. 


Need a learning game to improve your courseware?

Why choose Conscience for your next project?

At Conscience, our instructional designers who are experts with the science of learning, teaching, and instructional pedagogy work closely with game designers that specialize in the use of compelling game design techniques, especially in the realm of gamification intended for learning and assessments (LMS, LXP) as well as general-purpose applications like marketing, promotional websites, and industry-specific business apps (healthcare apps, banking, manufacturing, etc.) 

Our custom solutions via learning games and gamification offer an increased:



adoption of and use of learning management tools and systems

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learning retention and business results from employees



knowledge sharing across peers and the business, 360 degrees

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intrinsic and extrinsic employee motivation and thereby, performance



data for analytics and future innovation roadmap for improving learning and performance


Think gamification is the edge your training or business needs.

Our approach to learning games and gamification of learning


Let Conscience gamify your learning. 

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