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Course Authoring on LMS

We believe in bringing learning to learners, rather than taking learners to the learning.

Learning Management Systems of our yesteryears were designed around content and its management with little emphasis on the learner. The Learning eXperience Platforms of today are designed around the learners. Therefore the tools, features, and functionalities that are built around these current platforms are smarter, more capable, and offer a richer learning experience for the learner and instructor.

Businesses, L&D teams, and academia (ranging from K12 to Higher Education) are aiming to exploit these capabilities to the fullest, which until recently were limited to the utilization of SCORM and standalone packages being developed outside and then delivered through the LMS.

For organizations that are aiming to use an LMS to a higher potential, learning content imparted through virtual classrooms and webinars with course content authored directly within LMS is the trend today. 

Direct integration of apps within the LMS using LTI or API opens up a plethora of avenues to ensure engagement, discussions, reflections, collaboration, and analytics directly integrated with the curriculum as the learners engage with the learning content.


Do you need your courses directly authored within your LMS? 

Authoring Course on LMS with Conscience

With a full team of LMS Courseware Developers, Conscience comes power-packed with the right skills and understanding of the structure, features, and the proper methods of authoring courseware within an LMS. Our LMS Courseware Developers are trained and experienced in not just courseware production but also on a variety of LMS. Trained on the features, functionality, and apps available within different LMS platforms, our teams have experience in a wide range of open-source and commercial LMS like Moodle, Totora, Canvas, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, CogBooks, CornerstoneOnDemand, Talent LMS, Saba, SuccessFactors, Docebo, and many others. 

When you get your learning curriculum authored within an LMS of choice, here are some of the facets that Conscience can help you exploit to make your learning solution’s overall experience impactful. 

  • Enable peer interaction and engagement through discussion forums ​

  • Tie modules and assignments with collaborative learning features such as Collaborative Workspaces and Wikis within LMS

  • Include gamification techniques through digital badges, leaderboards, etc.

  • Include competency-based skill mastery levels and grading 

  • Include test banks to enhance and increase learner engagement through quizzes, surveys, assessments, etc.

  • Make available your entire suite of off-the-shelf course catalog to plan their next-level learning 

  • Collate, organize and structure a curated library of learning content  

  • Include extra resources for further learning in the form of PDFs, eBooks, PPT Slide

  • decks, and videos

  • Include live-streaming and recorded webinars​

  • Support for accessibility standards and other compliances such as QTI 

  • Support for user and learning analytics ​

  • Custom and standard reports 

With the team at Conscience, combine the best of blended learning and self-paced learning into your learning program. 


Have you decided to put your learner at the center of your LMS experience?

Our LMS Course Authoring Services

When you engage the Conscience’ LMS Courseware Developers to author and integrate courseware directly within your LMS, you get a curriculum that is designed and developed to bring the best out of your content.


  • Bring to life courseware that includes engaging lesson presentations and interactive activities in a gamified environment 

  • Get custom content developed within your LMS platform using  

    • customized templates and course formats 

    • customized interactives with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (embedded as web objects)   

  • Make your content more engaging with bespoke games and simulations developed as LTI Apps 

  • Include custom quiz formats and question types as well as interactive assets such as interactive videos within your content 

  • Advanced features such as stylized navigational elements, graphical progress status, learner journey maps, and custom interactive menus.

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