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Branching Scenarios Development

An individual’s ability to apply gained knowledge via participation and decision-making, while sitting at the center of her learning is what gives her the ultimate competitive advantage.

Are you able to add the value of experience and application to your learning solutions?

Branching scenarios lead your learner down different pathways as a consequence of her own choices. It is considered an incredibly powerful tool for evaluation in learning, when the need to understand your learner’s thought process through her decision-making pathway, is as important as the final outcome. 


Branching scenarios present the opportunity to mimic the real-world choices and application closely, as it presents the learners with multiple options to select one option via decision making, and presents the consequences of her choice immediately after or much later in the scenario. In this method, each response determines what comes next. Besides, dealing with scenarios where there may not be one right answer, or perhaps multiple pathways that lead to one right answer towards the end, also closely mimics the real world, yet leaving the learner with just once choice at each decision making step and a consequence tied to it, is a perfect example of where the use of branching scenarios aptly fit. 

That’s why these find great use within formal training across varied subjects and all levels of managers training, sales, customer engagement, leadership, soft-skills, fire and safety, emergency medical response, the army, and tactical war games, etc. to areas that take us closer to home, like managing the monthly budget of the household. 


Want to test your learner’s decision-making in a dynamic changing world that offers ample choices and subsequently, its consequences? 

Branching scenarios are a proven tool for such evaluation in learning.


Inadequate response to situations in real-life by your employees can have fatal consequences. Let them be learners in a virtual world, where it is safe to fail and learn.

Why choose Conscience?

Branching scenarios, though appear quite simple in construct for the end-user, actually are quite complex to design and build like serious games and have numerous reasons why they can fail at many levels. As with other areas that require deep specialization, this too requires the handiwork of specialists that come together from across disciplines with training and experience to build compelling life-like branching scenarios for learning. 

In design branching scenarios, our instructional designers, visual designers, and multimedia developers pay great attention to some of the following key aspects of development:


  • The high-level design and map of the scenario that presents the learner journey and all possible pathways from the beginning to the end.

  • A storyline that connects with the learner, is compelling, captivating, immersive, and presents life-like experiences throughout the journey.

  • Build authenticity in the content, visuals, and interactions

  • Assist learners in building clarity of thought through the journey, problem-solving, and decision making

  • Ensure that there are no dead ends or dummy “choice and consequence” screens in the scenario steps and branches that may show a lack of depth and thereby dilute learner experience.

  • Offer deep feedback and remediation loops, connectors, and joints that shift the learner across different branches of the pathway in a seamless experience. 

  • Build lasting retention in learning.

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