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Custom Course Development

Learning innovation is nothing but creating learning that adapts to a learner’s learning style; where learner, and not technology, is at the center of the learning experience.

Are the typical cookie-cutter learning programs diluting your learners’ learning experience? 

Why let your learners suffer through these boring learning sessions when you can turnaround courses that can be uniquely designed and ones that are not cranked out using a mould? It is perhaps time to give your courses a facelift, tipping the visual design, interaction, and engagement scale for your learners.


It is most commonly seen that organizations, especially training divisions within corporates, prefer pre-built off-the-shelf courses or employ rapidly authored content along pre-built templates to cater to their training needs. No doubt that such courses can be both cost-effective and time-efficient. But are they adequate enough to meet your learners’ learning needs? 

Every business has unique business objectives, and so do learners - irrespective of whether they are internal to your organization or external ones. Depending on the context, a one-size-fits-all styled templatized learning design may not cut it, and each needs the learning solution to address their individual business and learning needs to the extent possible. 

Custom learning development offers a way out of this perplexity that many learning organizations face. Based on the premise that eLearning is way above just static slides and lecture sessions, custom learning addresses learning design, development, and delivery with the learner's needs in mind.

From understanding learners’ needs to devising individual learning pathways, custom learning solutions offer the right resources that can make learning more effective and rewarding. Such solutions have all the ingredients of a rich learning module, including device responsiveness, advanced interactions, multimedia assets, pre- and post-assessments, widgets with validations, and more. From standalone learning modules to native and hybrid learning apps, this method offers a broad spectrum for development. 

Why choose Conscience for custom courseware development? 

With a wealth of experience working with a varied client base of different sizes and varying needs, Conscience engages in creating compelling customized learning solutions tailored to the learning needs, objectives, and strategy of the audience at large. 

We come with the experience of having worked with leading colleges and universities, training companies, publishers, and large corporates that address a culturally and linguistically varied workforce and target audience. Our custom learning development team has grown in their skills and expertise to deliver customized solutions that are not just deployed over multiple platforms and devices but allows for an on-the-go mobile learning experience.

When you engage with Conscience for your custom courseware development needs, you get learning that: 


Are you ready to step away from boring “click-next-to-continue” styled learning to a more tailored, and engaging learning delivery?

Custom Courseware Development at Conscience

Our typical custom courseware development projects start with the identification of your business and learner needs, and the challenges unique to each of them. After careful learners’ needs analysis, our Learning Experts make recommendations on the most suitable approach for your target audience, whether instructor-led, self-paced, or a blended custom approach. 

Once the decision on the learning delivery has been made, our Instructional Designers, in collaboration with our Design Studio Experts, design a learning solution tailor-made to the needs and learning objectives identified. Our Instructional Designers script interactive elements such as graphics and themes, interactive multimedia assets, scenarios, role-plays, games, and lab simulations to make the learning solution engaging and learning retentive for the learners.

Our multi-skilled Courseware Development team then uses these designs in conjunction with standardized activities and custom SVG animation development tools to create custom HTML5 based learning solutions. These learning solutions could be deployed in the form of simulations, games, Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) exercises, web, and native Learning Apps, standalone HTML5 learning widgets, and SCORM or xAPI output for an LMS delivery. 

Common Tools for Custom Interactives Development

CSS3 techniques for responsive and performant animations (from effects to keyframe transitions) using libraries like animate.css and preprocessors like LESS/SASS and Bootstrap. 

JavaScript and ActionScript libraries like GSAP/Velocity using techniques like sprites, DOM animations, request Animation Frame and Web Animation API. 

HTML5 Canvas and HTML5 Animation IDEs using Create.JS/Zim.JS, including Fabric.js and Paper.JS for drawing and creating complex interactions and animations for fixed size. 

SVG tools such as Snap.JS or GSAP using techniques like SMIL or Adobe Animate CC for creating scalable animations. 

WebGL using libraries like Three.Js/Pixi.js or even Phaser.js (for games like interactivities or simulations) for 2D and 3D animations, complex games and simulations. 

The choice of the tool is made based on the target devices and the complexity of interactions and animations that a solution demands. For instance, decisions like the requirement of GPU acceleration to support memory usage to produce junk-free smooth (60 FPS) animations, drive the decision of the tool of choice. 

Once the necessary tool is identified, our teams use Angular to create a framework incorporating Angular Animations, GSAP, or CSS to create custom interactive elements and animations, the HTML5 player, and interaction templates from scratch to translate the core knowledge in an engaging and impactful way. 

In several projects in the past, our team has also crafted custom courseware and interactive solutions. Such custom interactive solutions use Backbone, Handlebars, LESS-preprocessed CSS, jQuery & Underscore, which continue to be a good fit for certain types of custom courseware development. For solutions that demand more animation-intensive learning content, we work with Adobe Animate CC, export sprite sheets, and use Create.JS/Zim.JS for HTML5 Canvas or SnapSVG for SVG sprites. 


Got course content that needs more than a regular 'templatized' treatment?

Irrespective of the approach taken for development, our custom learning solutions feature one or a combination of these learning requirements and resources: 

Rich in audio-visual components, animati

Rich in audio-visual components, animations, graphics, and other multimedia 

Relevant stories and interactive videos_

Relevant storylines and interactive videos

Shared and social learning experiences_2

Shared and social learning experiences

Simulations that mimic real-life scenari

Simulations that mimic real-life scenarios and applications

Multi-lingual capabilities_2.png

Multi-lingual capabilities

Motion design and visuals bearing your b

Device-agnostic learning design and delivery including mobile learning 

Gamified learning to put learners throug

Gamified learning to provide learners with a challenging learning environment


Varied assessment types that invoke critical thinking and application 

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