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Assessment Design

Good assessment design is the key to improving learning retention, fostering appropriate learning behavior, and achieving measurable learning outcomes.

Learning is not just a process of gathering knowledge but of creating skills and competencies among learners to apply this learning. For this to occur, there must be ways to measure the extent of learning achieved and the gaps that exist. Assessments and feedback serve this essential purpose in the learning process, whether academic or professional. 

Why is assessment design important?


Good assessment design is crucial in creating an assessment experience that is both motivating and meaningful for the learners and the teachers.


An assessment that is not just relevant and authentic, but one that encourages interaction and dialogue and allows students to apply their knowledge based on their personal experiences would add value to the overall learning process. Feedback is integral to assessments, and devising practical ways to get feedback to learners in an easy-to-understand way makes for a positive learning climate. 

Adjust or improve programs following the results of the learning outcomes assessed

Assessment Design Services at Conscience

Our Assessment Design Teams design, develop, test, and validate bespoke, interactive assessments across learning content and competency levels.  

At Conscience, we firmly believe that good design should make the assessment provide a reference point for evaluating the quality of learning, the degree of achievement of the learning outcomes, and the areas where improvement is required. It should be able to reinforce expected standards and communicate the criteria for evaluation lucidly.


In line with the assessment design best practices, we design assessments that allow the learners to exercise choice concerning topics, assessment format, and the timing of the evaluation. Our assessment design provides ample scope to develop reflective skills among learners so that they can direct and regulate their learning. Effective feedback mechanisms are built into the assessment design to ensure that the learners understand the feedback and can bridge the gaps in their learning outcomes. Rubrics and other grading criteria are weaved into the assessments to provide adequate information on what is being assessed, to what extent, and what are the optimum standards. 

All assessments are designed to fit into the learning content so that it can provide ample opportunity within the learning process to practice, support, and reinforce the learning concepts (formative assessments). Our summative assessments provide for adequate measures to check the understanding and grade & remediate the learner, based on their performance.  

The assessment design team at Conscience undertakes a four-stage, iterative process to design and develop assessments: 

Clearly define and identify the learning outcomes
Select appropriate assessment measures
and assess the learning outcomes
Analyze the results of the outcomes assessed
Adjust or improve programs following the results of the learning outcomes assessed

Are you interested in a meaningful evaluation of your learning solution?

Why Conscience? 

Here are the top reasons why Conscience could be your first choice for your Assessment Design projects: 

  • Our assessment design services ensure authenticity, volume, and validity.  

  • Our designs integrate measures to ensure the reliability of assessments to evaluate learning and training 

  • We follow a template-based approach that offers variety in assessments delivery with standardized and consistent formats, even for volume production. 

  • We develop diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments, for print and digital media

  • We design to specific accessibility needs like WCAG, Section 508, AODA, UK Disabilities Act.

  • Our assessment designs are platform and product compliant.

At Conscience, we design and build a variety of interactive assessments to ensure that they: 

  • support personalized learning

  • engage students adequately with the assessment criteria 

  • stimulate dialogue 

  • provide prompt and easy-to-understand feedback 


Are you looking for assessments to supplement your learning content? 

Our Assessment Design Services

Our bespoke assessment design services include the design and development of:

  • Pre-and post-assessments at knowledge, skills, and competency levels

  • Custom reporting solutions and test engines

  • Adaptive and personalized assessments

  • Interactive assessment libraries

  • Proprietary reporting solutions and test engine adaptations

We design and develop the following types of assessments and more. 

Multiple Choice Questions.png

Multiple Choice Quizzes 

Fill in the blanks.png

Short Answer Questions such as fill in the blanks

Text-input, essay questions.png

Constructed Response with rubrics and exemplars

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