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Instructional Design

For us, designing an engaging piece of learning is more about designing an experience rather than mere information dissemination.

Whether you are creating your digital learning content for the first time or you are looking for re-treatment of your existing content, instructional design (ID) has the potential to impact your learner’s engagement, interest, and thereby the accomplishment of their learning goals significantly. Unfortunately, this vital component is an often-overlooked aspect when designing and delivering learning content.

With the right instructional design oversight at the outset, an organization can ensure that the training, learning piece is a winning one, one that will not only make a visual and engagement impact but also ensure that learning outcomes are met.  

Instructional Designing with Conscience


With a team that brings experienced learning design experts and innovators to board, Conscience is well-poised to produce learning solutions that make the highest impact with the target audience.


Our course design and production teams approach each online course with an intuitive and value-driven design and content treatment. Such treatment closely follows our underlying instructional and pedagogical design approach for online courses that combines the principles laid down in the most widely-used instructional models and theories across the learning industry.

Following instructional design best practices from the beginning is crucial to the success of any online course program. A sound instructional design allows you to communicate the purpose and reason behind a strategy. It gives a framework that offers a birds-eye view of all the significant components that the online course program must include.

Our instructional design approach to learning content is rooted in cognitive and behavioral psychology. Though the niche of eLearning and online training is vast with numerous theories, models, and resources lending themselves to learning design, even today, for Higher Ed and Professional Learning, the models most widely used remain to center around the works of Blooms Taxonomy, Backward Design, Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, Kirkpatrick Model and David Merill’s Principles of Instruction.


Are you looking to create new content or repurpose some existing ones?

Our instructional designers can help you.

Our Instructional Design Services

Our ID team adopts best practices from one or more of the above instructional models and theories to build efficacy into our learning design process. These, when used in conjunction with the ADDIE model of project execution, allow for enhancing the student retention of core learning in tried and tested methods that are well documented by Universities of repute globally over many years. 


Start your learning project with the right instructional approach.

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