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Custom Course Conversion

Breathe new life into all your legacy content. Let it be ‘new-age’ ready.

Is your content ready for the 'new-age media of learning' like Smartphones, tablets, and the like?

As a forward-thinking organization, it is high time that you start thinking of refurbishing your pool of legacy content to embrace the new learning trends. Whether you are a publishing house or a corporate, your content assets hold enormous potential and untapped revenue streams.  


Do you still have legacy learning content?

Then, you are at the right place. 

HTML5: Your alternative to Flash


Enhanced compatibility 

Unlike Flash-based content, HTML5 content enjoys great compatibility with advanced browsers and devices, making your content accessible on multiple devices. 


Easier and better accessibility

With no plug-in requirements, accessibility to videos, audio, and interactivities becomes easier with HTML5 technologies and tools.


Responsive design

HTML5 supports Responsive Design, enabling content delivery irrespective of platform, browser, or device. 


Greater scalability

HTML5 content supports scalability of rich media and graphical content 

While Flash was the tool of choice not so long ago, the rapidly rising demand for mobile-based learning has rendered most of this Flash-based content redundant today.

Adobe Flash support stands discontinued from December 31, 2020! 


The golden days of conventional Flash-based content are over, and the time is just right to revamp your existing content to meet today’s just-in-time learning requirements.

A perfect approach to make Flash content workable for your organization is to refurbish all of your Flash-based content into HTML5 learning content. 

HTML5 technologies and tools offer a way to build upon your business’ past investments on learning development without reinventing the wheel of developing learning content from scratch. 

What’s even better is the availability of a multitude of tools that make the production of HTML5 content simpler. Undoubtedly, it offers a cost-effective and time-efficient way to repurpose legacy Flash content into flexible, on-the-go learning content that provides an optimal viewing experience across all modern browsers and mobile devices.


Are you ready for the HTML5 experience?

Why Conscience for your Flash conversion?

While the Internet is crowded with several free and online Flash to HTML5 conversion tools, their efficiency in handling complex or large-volume conversions is a big question mark!  

At Conscience, we leverage the cross-browser, cross-platform technology that HTML5 has got to offer to churn out your legacy Flash-based learning content and assets into responsive, perfectly-tailored interactive HTML5 assets that provide a seamless experience across platforms and devices. The HTML5 output undergoes thorough and rigorous testing across the various platforms and devices to ensure an impeccable learning experience.


With Conscience’ Course Conversion team, you get a cost-effective and fast turnaround from Flash to HTML5 through professionals who have experience working both with the older Flash version along with hands-on experience in the latest HTML5 technologies, ensuring a smooth and agile, migrated HTML5 output. 

Our seamless Flash to HTML5 conversion services bring you: 

  • Expert and rapid time-to-market conversion solutions including Flash to HTML5 content, animations, design, and ActionScript to JavaScript conversions.


  • Recommendations on user experience and user interface designs and content treatment to give an overhauled look to your old content 


  • Aesthetically designed user experience and interface with layouts that can adapt to a range of form factors and orientations. 


  • Faster and cost-effective turnaround of converted HTML5 content using rapid authoring tools and/or custom conversion techniques. 


With Conscience, experience a seamless migration from Flash to HTML5.

Breathe in new life to your legacy content now! 

Flash to HTML5 conversions at Conscience

At Conscience, we understand that all Flash to HTML5 conversions cannot be categorized under one umbrella.  

Our Conversion Team, therefore, conducts a thorough analysis of the source .SWF or .FLA files to ascertain whether the content needs just a technology update or a complete redesign and thus arrive at the best approach to the conversion.

We identify the approach based on the following essential considerations for a Flash to HTML5 conversion: 

Whether the migration involves reuse of existing content with complete Instructional and Visual revamping or just basic enhancements


Whether current legacy content needs just a technology uplift or a complete redesign 


Whether the migration should be template-based or not

Once the critical considerations are identified, we undertake the migration of the content for a small pilot piece of content, based on the approach. 

Our migration process starts with the transformation and optimization of all graphical assets, including graphics and illustrations, to scalable vector graphics (SVG) and Flash timelines to CSS animations. Once the multimedia conversion has been accurately done, we proceed with the conversion. The conversion is followed by rigorous tests to ensure that the migrated content meets the requirements identified at the onset, such as compatibility with existing LMS platforms, support for modern browsers and multiple devices, checks on memory leaks, etc. A successful pilot ensures a faster and quality conversion exercise helping us create aesthetically superior and performant HTML5 courseware.

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Our Content Conversion Process


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