Interactive Videos

Interactive videos demonstrate the true technology innovation – turning passive learning into an engaging dialogue.

Why use interactive videos?

Interactive videos are the trending way to engage and educate audiences through a unique branded entertainment medium. Today, the adoption of interactive videos is soaring not only in marketing but in education as well. 


These input-driven engagement media take the ordinary visual capabilities of a video to a whole new level. They enable audiences to click and explore content directly within the video through clickable areas or hotspots. This feature finds special application in learning and training solutions that can make use of interactive videos as a medium for some compelling quiz-styled engagements to assert concepts and follow up with visual explanations.

Interactive videos are already being considered as the next big thing in video marketing and some statistics suggest that these account for a whopping 47% increase in viewing times as compared to 'sit back and watch', passive video.

Interactive Videos and Conscience

Conscience can help you simplify and innovate your engagement with your key audiences, whether learners, prospects, or employees, through our interactive video services. Our interactive video services are focused on bettering learner engagements, enabling measurable content marketing strategies, and quantifiable online participation. Our services provide a delightful user experience coupled with the right amount of interactions to enhance the learning experience. 


Our team has experience in interactive video creation, from the simpler ones to the big-budget productions, based on individual client requirements.


Does your video lack the engagement needed to keep your audience hooked to it? 

Our Interactive Videos Services

Within interactive videos, interactions mainly comprise:

Hotspots within videos that allow viewers to click on areas.

Where would you like to fly today?

Branching interactions help create individual learner journeys.

Describe the Orion lift off process:  

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Data input types that include buttons and form fields within videos to enable a 2-way interaction. 

A 360-degree view that allows viewers to scroll and explore in all directions for a fully-immersive experience. 

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