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We believe that art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

With a growing demand for dynamic visual content, learning providers and publishers have an ongoing need for good illustrators and artists, who can craft visually compelling illustrations and artwork, keeping within the confines of a creative design process such as the ones related to branding guidelines, and thereby the colors, art style, typeset, size, etc.  

When you outsource your illustration and artwork needs to Conscience, you enjoy not just competitive rates but superior quality digital drawings that conform to your internal corporate design guidelines and other industry standards and compliances. 

We create all our illustration work using the latest software that includes CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, and we render high-resolution output in desired formats, including PDF, TIFF, EPS, or JPEG files, based on client requirements. 

*All logos used on this page are for representation purposes only and the IP and logo copyright belong to the respective owners. All rights reserved. 

Why choose Conscience for your illustrations and artwork?

Conscience can be a one-stop alternative for all your graphic design, illustration, and artwork requirements. 

Our Design Studio includes a skilled team of illustrators and artists who bring together their years of experience in creating customized digital, graphical, technical, as well as hand-drawn illustrations, and artwork for a varied client base that includes publishing houses, universities, learning companies, and corporates.  

This rich media designed at Conscience is crafted, keeping in mind the environment that they should support, including digital applications, print, and other delivery channels. 


On the lookout for illustrations or artwork? 

Our specialized Illustrations and Artwork Services

  • Custom Art Illustrations including figure drawing, caricatures, comic illustrations and adaptation of characters into Photo Illustrations 

  • Digital & Print Illustrations for Marketing, Websites, eBooks, eLearning Courses 

  • Illustrations & Artwork for Books, Textbooks, Training Manuals, and Book Covers 

  • Product & Product Support Illustrations, including infographics, user manuals, etc. ​​

  • Scientific and Technical Illustrations 

  • Medical Illustrations for publications, scientific journals, textbooks and wall posters 

  • Graphic Design Illustration 

  • Logo/Mascot or Image Illustration 

  • Storyboard Illustrations 


Does your brand need any of these services?

Other Design Studio Services

2D and 3D Animations



Virtual and Augmented


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