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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Learning is rapidly moving from passive digital to experiential. Virtual and augmented reality is a huge leap into the larger landscape of experiential learning.

Why include AR or VR components in your learning program? 

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are emerging technologies that are rapidly expanding the landscape of digital learning to encompass a more experiential form. 

While VR is more immersive, transporting the users into an entirely digital environment; AR has more to do with creating a simulated environment overlayed onto an everyday real-world experience. 


Both add an element of interaction to games, marketing campaigns, learning solutions, and everyday business applications using mobile-first delivery, making them more engaging and in-depth for customers, employees, businesses, and learners in general.  


AR/VR visualizations with interactions, thus, offer a perfect blend of digital content within the real world. AR/VR has shown immense potential in industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and all heavy industries in general, as both a business and a learning tool. From use in applications as wide as concept selling, product marketing, customer experience, to formal training, AR/VR is a sure-fire trendsetter. 


Want to give an Augmented or Virtual Reality experience to your audience?  

Why choose Conscience for your AR/VR needs?

With deep experience in designing and developing rich-media in multiple digital formats, Conscience combines innovation and creativity to develop high-quality AR/VR concepts for both learning and business applications. Our team of AR/VR developers with their wide range of technical skills enable the conversion of a real-world environment into a content-rich, immersive experience, for both consumers and enterprises alike.


We combine our knowledge of multimedia and interaction design with a wide range of technical proficiencies, innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, to provide the best AR/VR experience for our clients.


With Conscience, our clients gain an in-depth understanding of the practical application of AR/VR. 

If you wish to showcase your idea with augmented, virtual, or mixed reality, our team can help deliver custom solutions for you.


Want to create an immersive experience for your audience?

Our AR/VR Services

Whether you are on the lookout for a core augmented reality product or just an integration of AR/VR capabilities into your existing apps, Conscience can help your case.​ We offer industry-specific AR/VR services tailored to your requirements and compatible to run on iOS and Android devices. Our teams have experience in a varied range of AR/VR tools that include Unity, Augment, Catchtoom, and ARToolkit. 

Our services in this area include: 


Are you ready to give your learning the AR/VR advantage?

Other Design Studio Services


Graphics, Illustrations
and Artwork 


2D and 3D







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