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Animated Explainer Videos
A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.
                                                                 - Forrester Research

Before we start, let us share with you some statistics we found: 

Do you know? 



of marketers believe a video on their website will increase sales 



 of mobile users share video content with others



agree that using video in education can enhance learning performance 

Animated explainer videos are the new advert trend today. They can add dynamism to your product marketing and promotion that is whooping 800% more effective than plain text adverts and 400% more than a standard video advertising effort.  

These explainer videos use the science of emotional selling to give excellent returns. Based on the scientific premise that our brains are wired to perceive motion more efficiently than anything else, these animated explainer videos present a visually appealing and simplified way of acquiring traditional knowledge in usually under 90 seconds. 

Moreover, these explainer videos are no longer confined to businesses and have found a strong foothold in academia as well. These videos are accessible across varied platforms and are fast turning into cornerstones of current-age learning pedagogy.


Make use of the latest animation techniques and leading design trends to deliver your brand message via Explainer Videos.

At Conscience, we recognize the power of video animations and handcraft custom animated explainer videos that tell stories and drive results for our clients’ businesses. 


With our animated explainer video services, the team at Conscience weaves together the aspects of information, motion, and entertainment into a visual configuration to innovatively present businesses, brands, products, and learning solutions in genuinely engaging and productive ways. 

With our extensive experience in animation and video production, we bring to the table, the right skills & attitude needed to ideate, design, and deliver professionally tailored explainer videos that can emote your product story. 


Are you interested in giving your business the power of explainer videos?

Our Animated Explainer Video Services

At Conscience, our Design Studio delivers video animation services, creating stellar explainer videos in all the following categories: 

Business Explainer Videos 

Animated Corporate Videos

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos 

Product Explainer Videos  

Mobile Apps Explainer Videos

Infographic Explainer Videos 

2D and 3D Animated Explainer Videos 

PPT Animation Videos 

Whiteboard Animation Videos 

Our Explainer Video Creation Process

Other Design Studio Services


Graphics, Illustrations
and Artwork 


2D and 3D




Virtual and Augmented



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