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Workforce Training

An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.

                                                                                                       - Jack Welch 

With support from Learning & Development (L&D) partners, most leading companies across industries by now have come to appreciate the value of well-structured training programs and courses that leverage eLearning and technology as part of their training delivery. These training programs, mostly in the form of blended learning, have now replaced or supplemented the traditional classroom (only) based training, also called instructor-led training. The impinging value of quality eLearning and technology-enabled training for vast numbers of geographically dispersed staff, professionals, channel partners, and end customers without the total downtime and costs of conducting regular business during training hours is well ascertained by this time, amongst other recognized benefits.   

While startup cultures globally are the perceived ‘new normal’ even in large organizations, the workforce of today, as a result, grapples with being relevant at the out-set and is expected to understand and manage change, deliver innovation, meet financial targets, corporate goals and business outcomes in the current brutally competitive and fast-evolving landscape. 


The tectonic shifts that L&D seeks to address, as a result, is related to putting learners at the center of learning and designing learning that sticks, in the age-old adage, to each his own.

Microlearning, bite-sized learning, social, informal, or anytime-anyplace learning, and learning at the point of need, are the emergent trends of the current time- and attention-pressed learner. Designing and delivering education that sticks has now, therefore, required the instructional design and pedagogy of standard training curriculum and content to adapt to these massive changes and with using digital and technology in the mix.


With adaptive learning, curation and personalized learning understood and experimented with by L&D teams in confined boundaries over recent years, the technology itself, (viz. hardware and software, interoperable standards like TINCAN xAPI, LTI, LRS, etc.), and overall more affordable costs now allow for a convergence of these learning implementations at scale with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. The power of a personalized learner journey within a next-gen learning platform of the future is today governed by these choices available to L&D teams to pick and choose from. 

At Conscience, we work with L&D teams and business heads across industries in designing and developing high-quality interactive training programs that stick.

Are you looking to build your next product or any subject-specific training program or course (be it technical, process, compliance, sales, leadership, or soft-skills)?

And, are you looking for these to be rich in content, be interactive, and adaptable to the current training delivery needs of your target audience? 

Reach out to our experts to explore how Conscience could be your able partner. 

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