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Consulting Services

Effective learning begins with a robust design, build and world-class delivery. But to stand out, it needs to be aligned to your overall digital learning strategy.

Is your training spend giving you the desired ROI?

We can help you measure the real effectiveness of your training spend and help you map it to your overall learning strategy. 

Training and learning platforms, regulatory standards, compliances, and systems interoperability challenges in the digital space are experiencing a staggering expansion in recent times. Educating our kids & young adults and shaping the workforce & networked leaders are of far greater consequence than the underlying social and instructional elements we see in learning solutions today.  



Innovation and creative solution strategies that capture an imaginative learner journey with all the senses 



Assistance to navigate the maze of training and learning platforms, regulatory standards and systems interoperability challenges in the digital learning space to enable you to make the right investments



Deep understanding of the learning ecosystem to enable an amalgamation of our design, content and technology skills to help you build a remarkable story 



Enable the creation of a great learning ecosystem that thrives on knowledge enrichment and connections rather than false innovations and distractions

Why engage Conscience?

Building on our successes in eLearning and Learning & Development, Conscience brings a range of learning consultancy services. 

Our Consulting services are designed for the very purpose of helping you avoid distractions and false innovations and to build a great learning ecosystem that thrives upon knowledge, enrichment, and connections. Our services are tailored to your business and training goals and offer insight across the entire spectrum of learning strategy, research, measurement, analysis, and content design.   

With a team that comes with a deep understanding of the learning ecosystem and that has been instrumental in the design and development of  innovative solution, we can navigate your business to its goals and help you make the right investments.  

Our consultancy services draw on a 360 degree perspective of digital education worldwide, considering the context, disruptors, innovations, budgets, and time-to-market. We take a first-view of existing ecosystems, processes, and solutions in a typical 'make versus buy' decision, to offer clear insights into the learning, teaching, and content distribution chain. 

How can Conscience help your business?

At Conscience, we align with your business vision, identify gaps in existing learning strategy, and work towards bridging these to bring operational and business excellence.  

With a focus on marketing-driven solutions, we bring our expertise in curriculum development, learning administration and evaluation, content development, training needs analysis, learning infrastructure maintenance, quality control, reporting, and administration to craft solutions that drive behavior change and ensure that your digital learning is effective and impactful.     

We focus on optimizing your existing learning architecture and infrastructure, teams, governance, and project management to design, develop, and deploy learning solutions that make a lasting and measurable impact. In consultation with your internal teams, we create relevant, insightful, and comprehensive learning methodologies that align with the core of your business and its people.   

Leveraging our experience, in-depth knowledge base, and proven skills across verticals like Publishing, Healthcare, Ed Tech, and Education in general, we can help you adopt a strategic approach to learning and training and enable you to build solutions that would ensure all-round success for your business. 

Does your business need a boost to the next level?

Then, it may be time to revisit your existing learning strategy and infrastructure.

Our Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy services span areas that include: 


Bring the ‘Conscience’ advantage to your solutions with our Learning and Technology experts.

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