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Technology Services

Technology in learning is not meant to replace teachers. Rather, equipping teachers with the right technology aids can be transformational in the learning process.

At Conscience, we believe in augmenting learning innovation.

Our singularly crafted technology solutions bring together a myriad of collaborative ecosystems, seamlessly bridging gaps within the current disruptive state in online education. We design compelling technology products that include authoring systems, assessment engines, robust learning, and content management platforms, and much more. Our outcomes demonstrate innovative solution architecture that incorporates interoperability & standards implementations, multimedia authoring, workflow automation, learning analytics and reporting.



21st Century digital technology that enables building unique digital ecosystems for all stages of lifelong learning 



Platforms and applications that hold the key to a synergetic relationship between the instructors, teachers, and their learner



Intelligence and automation that stands behind technology to benefit product owners and marketers promoting in the digital space 



Technology conduits that help make compelling learning software that each of our clients call their own

How can Conscience help your business?

At Conscience, our Technology team brings together solutions that go beyond the conventional capabilities of pre-configured solutions. Our technological expertise has helped us bridge technology gaps in existing applications and enhance their skills to bring positive transformations to business goals. 

Our team comprising Research and Business Analysts helps clients avoid unexpected costs during the run of technology implementations by conducting due diligence. Our BA and R&D teams together help you validate your product concepts and identify potential roadblocks, even before you have started your product journey.

Have you identified a gap that you need to fill-in? 

Where we can help?

Together with our internal teams, our technology offerings assist clients in areas such as:

  • Business Requirement Analysis and Consulting 

  • Custom back and front-end programming using PHP, SQL, HTML, including popular frameworks such as JavaScript that enable creating intuitive user interfaces and experiences 

  • Application Integration and Re-engineering using LTI Tool provider app and content distribution frameworks 

  • Platform and App design and development 

  • Open-source customizations and integration with themes and plugins (Moodle, WordPress, etc.)


  • Migration and Upgrades

  • Quality Assurance

  • Maintenance and Support 

Let us help you achieve your business goals with your product.

Our Technology Services


Moodle Services


WordPress Services


Microsoft .Net Services

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