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WordPress Services

As humans, we are genetically wired to take things at face value.

Empowering your brand with a digital face value is paramount in today’s times of social media norms ruling the way your brand is presented. And what can be a better place to start than your website? Indeed! Your website is the digital face of your business, and it is time to give it the power to take your brand to new heights.  

How can Conscience help?

At Conscience, we deliver solutions and services that work to meet requirements within budget and schedule, while giving your brand a new digital face with: 


  • amazing user experience design 

  • proven engineering practices  

  • disciplined agile practices to measure & track development in context to the big picture 


The WordPress Team at Conscience provides end-to-end WordPress services from strategy and planning to website and web application design and development. Our team follows a four-pronged approach to bring to life stellar web experiences that are designed to attract and retain user attention by creating engaging and easy-to-use interfaces with calls to action. 



To understand requirements and business domain 



To convert the requirements into a plan of action and divide them into sprints 



Execution of the plan and demonstrate in sprints 



Delivery of the outcome results to the client

Our processes dovetail into an in-depth analysis of target audience personas and needs, to craft user journeys and flows that form the basis of our overall design, thought, information architecture, and navigation. The wireframes and designs, thus derived, translate into living style-guides and pattern library documents that ensure sustainable and scalable models that evolve and grow.  

Learn more about our UI/X processes here.


If you have a requirement that we can help you with, reach us right here. 

Our Development Methodology

The WordPress Team at Conscience follows agile development processes, starting from impact mapping to UI/UX, defining user stories and the product backlog, and tracking of development tasks to closure as per defined acceptance criteria. Our transparent processes with deliveries at the end of each sprint enable demonstration of measurable progress and ensure requirements are being met and the project is on-track at all times.

We use best-in-class WordPress development and engineering practices to ensure WordPress works as an enterprise-level CMS. Whether it is just your website or some bespoke web application such as an e-commerce platform, SaaS product on WordPress, Forums, niche or specialized social network, Membership website, eLearning services, and much more, our team can help bring these to life. 

All WordPress development at Conscience follows the ‘Twelve Factor App’ principles - a proven and highly recommended methodology created for use specifically in building Software as a Service (SaaS) app. This process ensures setup automation, offers maximum portability, is suitable for deployment on modern cloud platforms, enables continuous deployment for maximum agility, and can scale up without any major changes to tooling, architecture, or development practices. Therefore, these processes ensure that both performance and security are given equal priority, and neither is compromised for the other.

Why choose Conscience?

When you associate with the WordPress team at Conscience, you sign-up for a host of benefits. 


We bring together a team of trained and skilled engineers and testers, with over a decade of hands-on experience, under the able guidance of a management team that bespeaks of thorough domain knowledge and professionalism.


With our focus on security and performance optimization, we have imbibed the 12 Factors Methodology along with prevalent standard and a modern development toolchain, to deliver stellar web experiences.


We work with the sole focus on the rapid delivery of a robust web product with assured quality that is a perfect fit for your requirements.




Maintaining a website is continuous and critical work. It is our playground.

We can assist you with it. 

Our WordPress Gadgets

We understand the value your requirements hold for you. So, we believe in developing a robust, secured and modern solution to meet them. Keeping this in mind, our team has handcrafted a ‘gadget box’ to get the best-in-class solution for you in the most efficient and rapid way. 












CIT Plugin Boilerplate 

An in-house developed, lightweight plugin boilerplate structure, handcrafted by the WordPress team at Conscience to include modern toolchain such as PHP composer, nodejs, saas, etc., for enhanced performance. 

Starter Theme 

This starter theme, developed by Roots and enhanced further for a more professional look comes with a pattern library, which helps one see the components of each of the modules, for the themes we develop. 

WordPress Boilerplate  

When developing websites from scratch and not using our in-house developed theme or plugin,we employ the Bedrock  WordPress  Boilerplate, another creation by Roots. Our WordPress team is constantly trying its hands at newer plugins as they get introduced in the market. We have worked with and have development expertise with several of the existing and widely used WordPress plugins, as well.  


*All logos used on this page are for representation purposes only and the IP and logo copyright belong to the respective owners. All rights reserved. 


Looking for a web partner for your business idea that needs a compelling digital face?

You are at the right place.

Our WordPress Services


Full website development 



to WordPress 


Custom Extension Development 



and Integrations 





Are you looking to extend your current WordPress website? Or, just looking to connect your existing web experience with a third-party app? 

We can assist you with all of these. 

Our other Technology Services





Microsoft .NET


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