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Moodle LMS Services

We believe in enabling learner-driven, and not tool-driven, education.

The team at Conscience leverages open-source technologies and existing infrastructure to evolve solutions most suitable for client needs. Our Moodle Team has dedicated its focus on Moodle open-source customization to design, build, and support custom learning platforms and solutions that put learning in a new perspective altogether.  

Why entrust Conscience with your Moodle needs?

The Moodle Team at Conscience understands the nuances of technology-empowered education. Our solutions encompass the environment, the people and the processes in which the systems operate, thereby providing maximum value at optimal cost. Our team has serviced the LMS needs for many educational publishers, schools, universities, and new-age learning companies using Moodle.  


We approach our Moodle LMS services in a systematic way the covers the entire lifecycle of the Moodle product development – design, content integration, base Moodle customization, hosting, maintenance and support. Our team combines blended learning and self-learning to bring together a flipped classroom using Moodle as the baseline. 

Are you looking at Moodle to be your next learning delivery platform? Or, are you delivering learning over Moodle and want to maximize its capabilities as an LMS? Then, Conscience can help you achieve this goal.  


Looking for Moodle Services?

Our Moodle Services

Whether your business is in K-12, Higher Education, or Workforce Training, customizing the Moodle platform to suit your needs to perfection is what we do at Conscience. We take pride in delivering high-performing, highly configurable, and responsive LMS to ensure optimal user experiences for our clients and their end-users through the introduction and exploitation of various Moodle features, methods, and functions.


What do we do?


With the team at Conscience get the best out of Moodle. 

Design Services with Moodle

We offer complete UI/UX theming and branding to make the base Moodle instance completely customized to engage learners, instructors, and administrators 


Courseware Services with Moodle

From custom lesson templates to the full life cycle of courseware development right within your Moodle instance, Conscience brings bespoke courseware development services within Moodle. 


Technology Services with Moodle

We create custom components and plugins and enable integrations with other third-party systems using SSO. Other integrations include with xAPI/Caliper and LRS, SCORM and Common Cartridge packages​, other Portals, and eCommerce.


Consulting Services with Moodle



Building Analytics and Custom Reports with Moodle



Hosting, Support, Monitoring, and Training 



Our Moodle Team can bring a positive transformation to your learning experience.

Our Process


Reach us for a conversation around our Moodle services and the process we follow. 

Our other Technology Services





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