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“Before software can be reusable, it first has to be usable.”

                                                                        - Ralph Johnson

With our Microsoft .NET Services, Conscience strives to achieve predictable results at reduced risks. Our software engineering expertise and practices ensure an objective alignment of our client's overall business goals and the big picture with that of their existing IT infrastructure and processes, thereby delivering quality working software. 

How can Conscience can help?

At Conscience, our Microsoft .NET Development Service is a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Microsoft .Net through which we facilitate: 

  • Managed teams  

  • Toolchain for development productivity  

  • Processes for continuous improvement to monitor & track  

  • Value aligned to the big picture  

  • Requirements & Scope  

  • Quality 

  • Risks 

  • Efforts & Budget  

  • Schedule

Conscience brings together a well-trained pool of experienced developers, programmers, consultants, architects, and testers with an in-depth understanding of Object-Oriented/Functional Programming using Dot-Net languages. Our .NET Services team brings to the fore our extensive hold on the best practices, S.O.L.I.D. and Design Patterns that help us design solutions to solve problems, while effectively reducing maintenance efforts.

Our teams are equally adept at VS Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains, etc., with Integrated & Distributed Source Control (Git, GitHub, Azure DevOps, VSS, TFS, etc.), that helps us be flexible with the development environment we need to work within. 

Depending on the use case, we are well-equipped to come up with an ideal solution irrespective of whether it is WPF or  Electron.Net or UWP-based development (Xamarin or JavaScript), SharePoint portal and workflow development, or  any .Net  application development from for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT. 

With our .Net development services team, we bring together the strength of solutions and team members to work on polyglot data persistence systems for modern data analytics, reporting, and data visualization. 


Looking for Microsoft .Net solutions that make a difference?

Why choose Conscience as your .NET partner?

At Conscience, we believe in a systematic approach to development. Our team follows a four-pronged approach to deliver solutions that work, and meet overall goals on time and within budget.


To understand requirements and business domain:  

  • Start  with the end goals

  • Domain Storytelling

  • Impact Mapping

  • Event Storming 


To convert the requirements into a plan of action and divide them into sprints: 

  • Product backlog 

  • Product/Project Roadmap 

  • User Story Mapping 

  • Evolutionary Architecture  Runway


Execution of the plan and demonstrate in sprints: 

  • Lean  Principles  

  • Disciplined Agile 

  • Behavior Driven Development


Delivery of the outcome results to the client: 

  • Continuous Integration  

  • Continuous Testing  

  • Continuous  Deployment with  DevSecOps 

.Net development services team at Conscience works towards delivering expected results by:  


Following a well-defined governance structure through communication and project management protocols

Online project management with tools like Atlassian Jira, Trello, Asana, communication platforms like MS Teams or Slack along with issue tracking tools like Jira, FogBugz, Trello, to maintain transparency and proper escalation path for resolution


Ensuring the big picture and goal alignment with tasks and decision making

Best practices of DDD and BDD to ensure alignment throughout the development lifecycle


Implementing Agile processes for distributed scaled teams

Disciplined Agile with DevSecOps culture taking advantages of best practices and cloud development tools


Maintaining metrics to monitor and track all crucial aspects to ensure project/product success


Well established metrics for project management, code quality and testing for functional as well as non-functional requirements


Following a review process to ensure alignment, efficiency, and proactivity

Independent reviewers for various aspects of project/product development


Managing expertise for the centre of excellence

Ensuring adequate talent management and training


Conscience can become the .Net Development Services partner for your new product idea or augment your in-house development team with on-going development projects.

Our .NET Development Process

.Net Development Services Team at Conscience follows agile development processes, starting from impact mapping to UI/UX, defining user stories and the product backlog, to the tracking of tasks to closure as per the defined acceptance criteria. Transparent processes with deliveries at the end of each sprint help demonstrate measurable progress and ensure requirements are being met and the project is on-track.

Our teams leverage a modern toolchain for DevSecOps including containerization with docker or Kubernetes along with Azure pipelines and git.  


Got a .Net framework application to re-engineer to a modern .Net Core architecture?

We would be happy to help you with this re-engineering for a revamped app.

Our .NET Development Services

Bespoke desktop and

web application development 

.NET Product development, maintenance, and support 

Data management solution development with reporting & analysis 

Legacy application re-engineering to .NET Core 

Our .NET Development Framework

Over time and with our varied experience, we have developed a solid Development Framework to deliver a best-in-class solution for you in the quickest and most efficient way.  

  • Team

    • Recruitment tightly knitted in with Resource Planning and Talent Management Motivation​

    • Focus on Excellence ​

    • Self-organization and management  ​

    • Aligned individual, team and functional unit growth parts ​

    • Process alignment 

  • Value

     Application of Business Objective Fulfilment Principle through: 

    • Mapping of Impact Maps to Product Backlogs 

    • Sprints derived from Story Maps 

    • Domain-Driven Design Principles coupled with Behavior Driven Development

  • Quality

    Functional, Non-functional Continuous Testing based on defined acceptance criteria for:

    • Correctness 

    • Reliability 

    • Usability 

    • Robustness 

    • Maintainability 

    • Extensibility 

    • Testability 

    • Efficiency 

    • Portability 

  • Processes

    • Continuous Improvement 

    • Lean Software Development with Disciplined Agile

    • Well-defined project/product development governance structure & metrics

    • Product Backlog & Sprint planning

    • Value stream- business objective fulfillment

    • Code Quality Review

    • Architectural Review

  • Risks

    Monitoring of common risks with mitigation and contingency plans for:

    • Inherent Schedule Risks

    • Requirements Inflation

    • Employee Turnover

    • Specification Breakdown

    • Poor Productivity.

  • Tools

    • Plan: Trello, Atlassian Jira & Confluence, Visual Studio Teams Services

    • Develop: Visual Studio, Git, Bitbuckets, Nuggets, NPM, Azure pipelines, Jenkins, etc., Libraries & Frameworks DevSecOps tools

    • Test: xUnit, SpecFlow, RestSharp, Selenium, JMeter

    • Release: Cake, Visual Studio with Azure Pipelines, octopus deploy

    • Operate: AppMeter, Glimpse, Stackify Retrace/Prefix

    • Project Management: Tools for Dashboard, Status & Plans

  • Budgeting



    Monitored and tracked processes that enable evaluation of project health at regular intervals through:

    • Sprint burndown 

    • Epic and release burndown 

    • Velocity 

    • Control Chart 

Besides our base framework, some of the common libraries & frameworks we work with and have developed competencies across include: 

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