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Higher Education

"Education is the sum total of one’s experience, and the purpose of higher education is to widen our experiences beyond the circumscribed existence of our daily lives."

                                                                                              - Mortimer Adler 

The Higher Education industry world over is at an unprecedented pace being re-looked upon for its identity, purpose, and methods in imparting learning. From being the treasure trove of information and knowledge, that students sought in a somewhat relatable world of performance and skill, to preparing the current and future generations for the utterly changing unknown, Higher Education has come a long way.

Higher Education, as a purpose and a business, today needs a new form, identity, and address (both physical and virtual), that is starting to be re-written today.


Corporations, across industries, are now seeking to prepare their future workforce, coming out of academia, for skills that are much less attributable to the subject matter or technical competence alone. The emphasis today is on life-skills that require adaptability, leadership, empathy, and the ability to embrace change, amongst others. 

At Conscience, we help some of the world’s best Higher Education institutes as well as young, digital-first EdTech Companies to build learning and teaching programs that utilize the best instructional pedagogy and technology available today for online, blended, hybrid and classroom delivery.

Going from a traditional high-touch classroom teaching model to a blended and self-paced learning model requires well-designed learning hooks (engagements, interactions) in the overall learner journey. These effectively help garner attention, gain interest, attain learning, and thereby achieves the desired outcomes in student performance via assessments, progress evaluation, and real-world application.

Our experience in working with Higher Education clients across geographies and demographics for over two decades provides us with insight into the learning ecosystem of today. We know for sure that the students of today (and tomorrow) will continue to demand the personal touch, physical campus experience in the ideally digital, separated yet connected, dynamic online spaces, we now create via interactive online learning. 

Are you a Higher Education institution that is:  

  • embracing online or blended learning for your in-campus academic courses, or 

  • building Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, Distance Learning programs, or short Executive Education programs on subjects most relevant today, or 

  • creating Professional Development courses for faculty and staff alike using online learning?

Then, Conscience can support you, just as we support other institutes in keeping the right balance between the old and proven, and yet elegantly help them embrace the new in digital and technology-enabled learning.  

Know about our service offering in the Higher Education space. 

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