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Our Engagement Models

We believe in enabling engagements that bring value, close gaps, and help build the right bridges to your success.

At Conscience, we understand that each client is unique, as are their needs.

We have hence devised multiple engagement models to ensure that our services can fit in with your working models, the nature of your projects, and of course your commercial terms and budgets.

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Our Engagement Models

'Fixed Cost' Engagement

We recommend a ‘fixed-price’ engagement for projects where the scope and project requirements are clear and well-defined. In this engagement model, our teams analyze your requirements and document the specifications and corresponding scope. We then estimate the efforts and associated costs to undertake the agreed-upon scope. This model is a time-bound engagement, useful for mid to large projects with definitive scope requirements that are not likely to change during the development process. It allows the reduction of cost and time-to-market by leveraging our teams’ technical and domain expertise.

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'Dedicated Team' Model

If your project involves mid-sized to long-term development with a fixed requirement for a team composition with a specific mix of skills, strategic engagement models, a ‘Dedicated Team’ engagement are most preferred.


Dedicated Team engagements involve a monthly retainer at a pre-defined ‘per month’ rate based on the team composition, the scope of the project and pre-decided project milestones.


Irrespective of the model of engagement you choose, we follow a Five-Step Engagement approach that ensures that the experiences and outcomes that your business derives from an association with Conscience is truly world-class.

Our approach to engagement

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Reach out to us to discuss your requirements, and our Experts can help you with the right engagement approach.

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'Time and Material' Engagement


Time and Material’ engagements are best suited for projects that require a high level of ideation, design, research, and scope definition, all of which cannot be pre-defined at the start of the project. These projects are typically executed using an agile methodology where a lot of project variables are subject to change in an iterative review and feedback process between the client and our teams during development.

The biggest advantage of 'time and material' engagement is that our clients pay for only what they consume of our skilled teams on their projects. We recommend this engagement model for mid- to long-term development, maintenance, or testing outsourcing projects.

Some areas where we find this model most befitting are:


Staff Augmentation: The ‘time and material’ engagement is most widely used in situations where our teams are used to extend your in-house technical capabilities, while other project-related aspects (such as project management, technical leadership, etc.) are maintained at your end.


Tactical Consulting: Projects involving several value-add services such as UI/X design, learning consultancy, technical advisory, architecture audits, etc., where our clients need to access our expertise not available in-house to them, find T&M engagements most apt.


R&D Based Projects: For uncertain R&D type of projects, we specifically recommend a T&M based engagement.

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