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About Us

We truly understand technology-empowered learning and support the best-in-class learning producers for whom we strive to offer value, innovation, and creativity in all our services.

Conscience is a world-class education technology and software development company, offering professional services in all areas of academic eLearning, workforce training, learning technology, learning management systems, and custom IT offerings with dedicated in-house teams specializing in Front-End HTML5/JavaScript, Microsoft .Net, Moodle, and WordPress services. Our key markets include the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

Education and Training


We help our academic clients commission bespoke eLearning and technology-enabled solutions for online, classroom, hybrid, and blended learning delivery across disciplines in K - 12, schools and Higher Education colleges, Institutions, and Universities.


For our workforce training and L&D clients, we help design and develop engaging, innovative, and effective training programs. These training programs target employees, customers, and channel partners in all delivery formats, including face-to-face classroom materials, self-paced eLearning, synchronous online learning, software simulations, blended learning, gamification, performance support systems, and collaborative learning experiences.


Our training solutions span across departments and functions, including Safety and Compliance, Process/Procedures, Product, Service, Technical, Marketing and Sales, Leadership, New hire apprentice/Induction/Onboarding, HR, Accounting, Operations, Diversity and Inclusion, and IT amongst others.


Software Development

Our software development unit is a Centre of Excellence [CoE] for Microsoft .Net and SharePoint, WordPress & Moodle, and Front-end technologies. It structures around a three-pronged research & development group, professional development, and training group, and a governance team that uses the PMO, Quality Assurance, and DevOps to manage performance and outcomes for our global clients.


The goals of the CoE is to improve expertise in their respective technologies, attract more specialists, increasing their motivation, and grow a sustainable internal talent pool to deliver high-end software solutions. These goals are achieved by maintaining a team of experts, using the best inline toolchain, and software engineering best practices. We have built our internal processes to deliver outcomes that meet core business requirements, are within budget and schedule, and solutions that are of high-quality, durable, reliable, maintainable, and built to scale.



Drawing upon our collective experiences from the past, keeping pace with the future of hi-tech education, and continuously renewing our expertise; we provide innovative  Learn solutions that include design, development, and implementation of digital educational products – both technology-based and content-oriented -over the web; on desktops, in smart classes, and across all mobile devices and platforms that are part of our connected modern life. 



With the growth of self-directed, social, and personalized options available to learners today, at home or work, online, over social media and mobile devices, with friends or at study groups; our  Teachsolutions recognize and draw upon an unparalleled motive to help instructors guide and channelize students with their learning, more than ever before.  



We go further with helping our clients take these products to market by way of our custom-tailored  Reach programs that combine handcrafted edumercials, explainer videos, and compelling interactive websites. With our Reach solutions, we drive viral adoption and engagement with learners, instructors, business stakeholders, and the community at large. 



With  Connect, our current ecosystems engrain the user at the center of the experience and dovetail all forms of content, technology, analytics, and social media around the user’s experience. At Conscience, we inject a dynamic and informal user experience into our Learn, Teach, and Reach offerings with the help of Connect. 

Our Verticals




Higher Education


Workforce Training

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