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Articulate Storyline

Are you looking to create dynamic and custom interactive content that includes audio, videos, simulated scenarios, quizzes and assessments, and other custom interactive elements?  

Articulate Storyline offers the right set of tools and templates to help build customizable interactives and scenarios, rapidly and efficiently. Based on PowerPoint, this powerful yet simplistic tool brings together some amazing features that make it a tool of choice for many, for creating highly-engaging digital learning content. 

Conscience has used this tool to design and develop engaging, interactive digital courseware that showcases our experience in exploiting the incredible features, capabilities, and support that Storyline brings, to the fullest.

Some of the features and capabilities of Storyline that you can witness and enjoy through the multitude of Storyline courseware that we have built for our client projects across verticals and industries include:

  • HTML5 output with full CSS3 support 

  • Audio-animation sync

  • SCORM Packaging for use on LMS and TinCan xAPI for LRS

  • Excellent content importing features that support existing material incorporation from a wide variety of media including PowerPoint, Excel Spreadsheets, Word files, and Quiz-maker into Storyline 

  • Use of the multitude of in-built templates and their customizations to present varied versions of complex interactives and scenarios 

  • Provision for creating software simulations for software product training with the view, try and test modes

  • Support for inclusion of gamification and game elements 

  • Support for localized content including translations into most world languages


Leverage our knowledge and mastery in Articulate Storyline for your next training project.

Content Presentation Options

All courses developed by our Courseware Team using Storyline showcase one or more of the following presentation components:


Is Articulate Storyline the tool of choice for your learning courseware development?

Interactive Formative Quizzes and Summative Assessments 

We understand the effectiveness of formative quizzes in building concepts and helping retain these for further application. Besides, summative assessments support effective learning efficacy measurement. Our Courseware Team banks on this vital learning philosophy. They utilize the assessment templates within Storyline to build highly interactive formative quizzes with feedback support and summative quizzes with scoring features to evaluate the learning effectiveness.

These assessment templates include: 


  • Single response questions 

  • Multiple response questions 

  • Multiple-choice Assessments

  • Drag and Drop 

  • Sequencing 

  • Matching Assessments 

  • Dropdown Question 

  • Scenario-based Assessments 

Storyline Quiz template offers up to 20 types of questions that may include any one of the following: 

Question Banks 

These are used to group and manage questions into question pools and offer randomization of questions.  

Object States 

These entail objects within the course being made to change their states, colour in reaction to learner actions, thus making the assessment more engaging.

Our Courseware team has been working with the Articulate Storyline product since it came into being. Today, our team has amassed a varied experience and expertise in working across its various upgrades from Storyline 1, Storyline 2, and Storyline 360 through Storyline 3.


If you have chosen Articulate Storyline as your tool of choice for your learning courseware development, we can help you make a meaningful impact with learning! 

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