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Adapt Authoring Framework

Got content that you want to migrate or rebuild into mobile-first rich courseware?


Then, the Adapt Framework could be a tool of choice for you, if your organization is comfortable with open-source software.

Adapt is a browser-based, readily-customizable, rapid courseware authoring framework. The Adapt tool can help you craft engaging and interactive coursewares that are in HTML5 format and can be published as SCORM 1.2, 2004, or xAPI compliant formats. These courses are mobile-ready to take your learning from 'mostly desktop’ to one that is 'in your pocket and On-The-Go'. 


With over 20 plus of these components, extensions, themes, and menu options, the Adapt tool brings greater flexibility to play with the layout, styling, interactivity, functionality, and rich multimedia assets and themes to deliver the desired visual flair to any course. Besides, if you have been continuously struggling with loading time issues with your existing eLearning, it may be time to refurbish your digital content using Adapt. With its single-page application structure, Adapt can significantly bring down the HTTP request counts to the server, reducing the loading time. 


Our Courseware Development Team has Adapt experts that can help you realize this plan, helping you at all stages. We have extensive experience in manipulating the highly modular, reusable codebase that Adapt Framework offers. This expertise has helped us produce courseware that is not just engaging and responsive, but one that offers enhanced features. Such advanced features help you derive the desired look-n-feel, customized interactions, and business-specific integrations and workflow. 


Our team has utilized Adapt’s in-built interactions, components, extensions, and themes to deliver fully-personalized courseware tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We have also had extensive experience working on other commercial products built over an Adapt Framework such as Evolve, where client projects have demanded the use of a specific tool.

When should you use Adapt for your courseware development? 

Going the Adapt way would be ideal for you if:

  • PowerPoint styled courseware are not something that appeals to you, and you are looking for a wholly enhanced web page-like experience for your courseware

  • Your course content is text-heavy

  • You prefer a ‘linear navigation’ rather than the ‘Next’/’Back’ style navigation

  • Responsive, mobile-ready content is what you seek, to make your courseware device agnostic

  • Your courseware demand greater flexibility and customizations in design

  • You would like your courseware to have the ability to track between devices

Of course, Adapt comes with its limitations as well.


Are you looking for learning courseware that demands these?

•    Offline Accessibility by the learners, or 
•    An inherent need for ‘branching scenarios,’ or 
•    A completely audio-synched course with on-screen text

If your answer is ‘Yes’ for any of these, then you may want to consider another rapid authoring tool as the Adapt framework does not support these features by design.


Want the power of a new-age web design and the freedom to create your courses using an open-source framework?  

Our Courseware Development Team is continually evolving its competence in this state-of-the-art authoring tool, helping build plug-ins that offer greater flexibility to work with this tool. We have experience in consulting clients on the adoption, design, and development of courseware over the Adapt Framework, using one or more of the following core functionalities offered by this tool: 

If . 



  • Assessment Results

  • Background Scroll & Timer

  • Blinds or horizontally stacked images that widen on hover

  • Drag ‘n’ Drop interactivities

  • Click to Reveal interactions including Flip Cards

  • Dynamic display of Images on multiple devices

  • Multiple-choice question component – both text and graphical

  • Hot Graphics

  • Matching interactions

  • Media playback – both audio and video

  • Slider/Scale

  • Image Narrative

  • Customizable navigation

  • Stack Lists and Accordions

  • Text and Text Input


  • Assessments with score and feedback 

  • Bookmarking for easy relaunch

  • Language Picker to switch langauges

  • Page-level Progress 

  • Resources 

  • Trickle to allow author to show/hide certain sections of a page

  • Spoor for SCORM tracking for LMS

  • Glossary

  • Accessbility for DDA, ARIA and WCAG 2.0 AA compliance

  • Course Copy

  • Asset Management


Themes & Menus

  • Creation of new themes

  • Update your Theme 

  • Modify the Adapt Vanilla Theme

  • Support for multiple themes

  • Menu Locks for Conditional Access including sequential, unlockFirst, lockLast, and custom

  • Article-level locking

  • Customization of menu display

  • Box Menu

  • Map Menu

  • Cover Menu

Other Rapid Authoring Tools

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