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eLearning training solutions- A part of your new training strategy

I must add that almost all our client says that custom eLearning training solution has been a game changer for them

Custom eLearning

Aren’t you considering moving to custom eLearning training solution? If not, then it’s high time you start acting on the same as Learning and development leader. So, today let me give you an insight to the benefits of eLearning training solution and how you can overcome them to make your eLearning training solution a hit!

So, let me start with the positive side of eLearning. I must add that almost all our client says that custom eLearning training solution has been a game changer for them.

Maximum reach out: How many of your employees can you reach at a go with traditional training solutions?

A handful of them isn’t it! However, with custom eLearning training solutions you can reach out to large number of employees and that to without limiting yourself to geographical boundaries.

Shorter Span and Accessibility: It is quick to share and faster to access. So much for so little. Yes, just imagine your employee need to access something important from the training module but don’t have access to a desktop. So, what will he/she do? Custom eLearning training solutions this days comes with the very feature of being highly responsive across multiple devices. Which makes it easily accessible.

Hand in Hand: This can very well compliment with classroom training if that is something essential and can’t be do away with. Learners get an overview and preliminary information on the subject matter beforehand, which allows more time in the classroom to focus on gaining in-depth knowledge. Instructors can than focus on the practical aspects of the content and use classroom-training sessions as a medium for more hands-on activities in the form of discussions or role-plays. This can also be done in the form of interactive courseware which can improve knowledge retention and higher involvement of participants.

Reduced overhead costs: Organizing classroom training involves loads of overhead costs. Which starts right from accommodation and ends in Infrastructure set up. This is not limited to an individual. This is at the level of both Instructors and participants.

So how to make eLearning training solution implementation effective?

eLearning training solution needs to be implemented with the same rigour as classroom training program. It is imperative to not consider eLearning as an additional responsibility or burden but as a growth opportunity that can be explored as per convenience. Deadlines and timelines work wonders and a dedicated time towards training during normal working hours always acts as a boon.

However, this can only be successful when communicated through a dedicated effort either through orientation program or through internal campaigns.

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About the author: Anirban is a marketer with 5+ years of experience and handles the sales and marketing activities of Conscience Information Technologies. He is crazy about writing blogs.

About Conscience: Conscience is a full services eLearning and education technology company. Conscience Information Technologies specialize in Moodle, Totara, Canvas, Blackboard, OpenEdX and most leading LMS, LCMS systems, and offer design, development, integration, and maintenance/support services over these platforms.

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