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Competency-Based Learning in Healthcare

“Just in time” is a concept that makes me happy. The reason it makes me happy is because it changes the whole perspective and the outcome.

Competency based training

“Just in time” is a concept that makes me happy. The reason it makes me happy is because it changes the whole perspective and the outcome. Isn’t it fascinating to have only what is needed, when it is needed, and the amount needed? Can I relate it to Job based training? Off course yes Job based training needs a transition, isn’t it!

Just in time training for Healthcare Industry

Now a flashback, we spent our time staring at our books and in numerous theories and wonder how by any stretch of imagination, the concepts and the theories will ever be of use to us. It can be frustrating isn’t it! So, who would like to go back to the same old days in a professional setting? Not many! Relevant and interactive training and obviously just in time training is what is required. Something that gives them the information that is directly relevant to what is needed in their jobs is what makes the difference. The information that can solve the problem at hand.

Though Job based training is ready to be taken to a next level however there are very little, or no effort done to achieve the same. These training's are often seen as job-task training, devoid of creativity, and higher-level problem-solving skills. Healthcare facilities employ a variety of clinicians and a good portion of them spend thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars building the higher-level critical thinking and creativity skills that vocational training seems to remove from the picture.

Competency-Based Learning in Healthcare

Measuring learning by evidence-based criteria is exceptionally appealing. In Healthcare, this notoriety is halfway filled by the common arrangement between frameworks that measure the powerful results of a learning exercise as confirmation that it is a piece of the procedure to get paid for giving patient care. Said another way, by what means can we demonstrate that the preparation we give to Healthcare clinicians is enhancing persistent results? Competency-based preparing (or gaining from the point of view of the clinician) accomplishes this.

So, what is the new competency-based learning in Healthcare? Like any prevalent philosophy, there is a wide number of pieces to the definition. Some are as dry and without imagination as you would envision. Other definitions, nonetheless, exploit the adult learning patterns that have been developing in the training world and consolidate them into CBT.

Understanding Competency-Based Learning

The educator demonstrates more like a facilitator than a moderator. Rather than instructing a person in the circumstance, they give forthright direction around how to consider and approach the main job. Taken after by this, the facilitator at that point urges students to make their own way through the issue before them – a way that makes "Antiques" that go about as proof that the learning has been effectively connected. This prompts a more prominent feeling of trust in the adequacy of the realizing where certainty is reached out to the possibility that this application can be repeated to the following issue, and result in another effective result

Let us take an example to understand competency-based learning better Let’s say fishing. What if the instructor Instead of giving the learner a description of fishing, teaches the learner to fish by explaining the steps and then standing by to answer questions and finds his/her own style of casting the line. The evidence of “fishing” success is measured by the instructor and the desired – did the man catch a fish? Was it the right kind of fish? Was it done in the appropriate amount of time? All measurable, all relevant to the competency of fishing, and all guided.

But best of all – the man was still catching fish while he was learning to fish.

About the author:

Anirban Chakravarty is a Manager- Learning Platforms & Course-ware Services at Conscience Information Technologies, a custom eLearning solutions provider serving customers across the globe. Anirban has 6+ years of experience in training, eLearning, Digital Marketing, Sales & Marketing

Conscience Information Technologies is a full services eLearning and education technology company. We work with Education, Training and Learning & Development teams within the Academic, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry in all areas of learning (design, content, technology and consulting).

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