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Life at Conscience

It’s not what you achieve; it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.

                                                                                    —Carlton Fisk

Conscience think-tank believes in building “Value-based and Outcome-based solutions,” as a preparatory roadmap to its vision and endeavor of delivering a suite of differentiated and Next-Gen educational products to the industry in the coming years.


Conscience believes and upholds seven core tenets that define our work culture.


​Life at Conscience provides for a harmonious work-life balance that supports an open, transparent, and ownership-flavored environment, where one enjoys the flexibility to explore and extend one’s participation in delivering value-adds.

Conscience encourages a culture of a free flow of ideas.


Our penchant for innovation reflects in some novel design and technology thoughts to which our work bears testimony. Each day at Conscience offers a perfect mélange of challenging, output-driven work environment spirited with some memorable fun & frolic moments.


The vibrancy and camaraderie each of us shares is a true reflection of the Life@Conscience, opening fresh vistas for every team member, in both a personal and professional capacity.


Be a part of our team

Connect with us at about job opportunities, culture, and life at Conscience and be a part of a motivated team of Learning professionals who dare to dream and grow. 

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