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Frontend Performance Engineer

Job Location

Koregaon Park, Pune

Type of Job

Full time

Published Date

14 December 2020 at 11:30:00 am

Experience Level

4-5 years

About the job

This is a developer role for a self-motivated individual with excellent software engineering skills and expertise in Front-end technologies. Front-end Performance Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Designing and developing high-performance, low-latency applications for amazing user experience systems and delivering high-performance front-end applications

  • Contributing in all phases of the development lifecycle

  • Writing well designed, testable, efficient code


  • Reducing apparent site latency for the end user

  • Improving scalability to manage site speed, accounting for geographic/seasonal differences

  • Holding the line on site performance during the release cycle

  • Early detection of performance regressions during development cycles

To take (only a few) examples, you might:

  • Determine the critical site performance metrics that impact user satisfaction

  • Engage with application teams during product planning, providing analysis and guidance to help teams achieve latency targets

  • Propose and prototype library optimizations used by engineering teams across the product from CSS, JavaScript, Build tools, including but not restricted to bundlers, package manager, script or dependency loaders, debuggers, etc…

  • Research, architect, build and operationalize a system to detect performance regressions in our application stack


  • Strong focus/interest on front-end optimization & performance

  • Provide Latency Engineering for managing site performance across the product to manage and track real user experience.

  • A rock-solid understanding of the core JavaScript language, HTML5, and CSS3

  • Strong demonstrable skills in software architecture.

  • Good knowledge of development best practices including unit and functional tests, CI, code reviews and documentation

  • Self-interest to be always up-to-date on the latest web, browsers and HTML5 news/technologies.

  • Desire to build finely crafted beautiful products, by writing finely crafted beautiful code.

  • Pro-active, self-motivated

  • Deep understanding of how to create high performance and highly accessible UXs

  • Strong programming skills in JavaScript on both the frontend and backend

  • Experience with a modern UI/application framework (React, Vue, Angular)

  • Bachelor’s in computer science or equal experience

  • Experience designing scalable web applications and predicting scope and risks

  • Passion for simplicity, code craftsmanship, and design

  • Healthy appetite for disruptive innovation

  • Experience with Ajax based UI experience optimization and performance tuning.

  • Experience with integrating with server-side technologies such as PHP, Python, NodeJS, Java- with REST API (JSON/NDJSON), GraphQL and gRPC.

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